110+ French Nail Designs You’ll Love

110+ French Nail Designs You’ll Love


When it comes to manicures, what style first comes into your mind? I won’t be surprised if it’s the long renowned and famous French Tip! Even those who do not regularly visit for some nail spa and don’t do their nails often would recognize it, with a typical image of the classic white-tipped clear or nude nails. Simplicity is beauty – no other words can best describe French nails.

As elegant and chic as it is, French nail designs are ideal for first-class gatherings, giving you a sleek and sophisticated look.

French nails are not only for the luxurious, but can be made to match any event and bring a magical touch on any day. There are various modern twists incorporated into the original chic look, starting with replacing white with any color you want! Gold, blue, pink, black, and any other color. Keep in mind that we’re not limited to using solid colors, since you can opt for polka dots, shapes and patterns, glitters, flowers, all decorated right on the tips. The lines come in variations too, from straight or following the shape of the tips of the nails to diagonal, v-shaped, a lining carefully stroked with a different hue, rhinestones and small studs, or none at all with the modern ombre giving off a gradient effect.

Short or long nails, you can wear beautiful french nail designs heading off to work, going out on a date, celebrating a holiday, or simply hanging out with friends, making you noticeable with an ultra-chic flair! Here’s a list of awesome french nails (by Di Nails and others) for you to try out and never run out of fashionable designs to indulge yourself anytime of the year.

Here are some french nail designs we’ve created here at Di Nails, enjoy!

Here’s an additional gallery featuring some other beautiful French Nail Designs that I’ve came across from various people.