230+ Summer Nails Designs & Art

230+ Summer Nails Designs & Art


Summertime entails a lot of activities and fun under the nice weather, the sun, the rays of light passing through, which altogether sort of telling you- don’t worry and be happy. I can’t express my thoughts about it more, and simply said, I LOVE SUMMER!

The best way I came up with to keep the gush of happiness flowing in me is through putting on summer nails. Therefore, I have made a list of the best inspirational summer nail designs which I have encountered along with others created by us at Di Nails, on a couple of warm sunny days.

Many fear of coming out too bright and colorful, but this is the spirit of hot sun-shiny beautiful summer! Don’t be afraid to play with colors and incorporate light, glowing intensity, for you will truly look adorable in your very own fashion statement. I have one golden summer tip for you: Under your best discretion, wear your summer nails to slightly complement your toe nail designs, while regarding the thought that you wouldn’t want to a divert into a completely different twist. Some may be inclined to go for an entirely different design, given tremendous nail art to choose from. But then again, don’t, unless you want to look silly and weird.

Presenting my gallery below, featuring some of the best summer nail art we’ve done here at Di Nails, really hope you enjoy them! No worries, summer holds an abundance of time for you to try them out, if not enjoy each and every design for endless days of summer nails!

I’ve added an additional gallery below featuring some amazing summer nail designs created by various other nail artists, enjoy!