40+ Funny Minion Nail Art Designs

40+ Funny Minion Nail Art Designs


Funny, crazy, yellow, blue jumpers, bouncy, round, and small yet tremendously lovable! We’re talking about the minions here, and surely these little creatures have made you laughing your heart out.

They are quite hilarious and have become a big hit to young and old alike, that from Despicable Me 1 they have multiplied along with the laughter even more into Despicable Me 2, a movie dedicated just for them! The villain that has captured the hearts of many, Gru, due to his big heart filled with affection for the little girls he now fathers, surprisingly knows each of the several hundred minions by name.

How would you like to see your favorites, one or two eyed, goggling about on your nails? I would have the famous Dave, and the unforgettable Stuart, Tim, Mark, Phil, Jerry, Jorge, Bob, Kevin and Jon, one on each nail!

Brighten your mood and have a light heart with their smiles and silly faces. If you wish to join in the fun, I’ve put up a trendy collection of minion nail art designs to fall for that will never fail to make you smile. They are just so adorable, so how do you think your nails would look once you have them right on your fingertips?