70+ Red Nail Designs

70+ Red Nail Designs


Red, the color of love, holds an allure that is unparalleled by any other. This solid and very powerful color ignites passion, desire, romance, strength, determination, courage, and can boost self-confidence. Lips are not the only part of your body that can become luscious, rich, and have a sexy red image. Pump up your beauty with red nail designs!

Red actually ranks as the most popular nail polish color of all time, which not surprising since it is the original nail color itself. Flaming hot, vivid, and extremely attractive, the glamour of red nails greatly enhances a woman’s femininity.

Red nails are classic and elegant, but perfectly fits modern times too. Its quintessential effect never fails to emit a fabulous and flattering unmatched beauty of the woman who graces the color on herself. With an assortment of red shades to choose from such as crimson, brick, scarlet, burgundy, dark red, and many more, you will never run out of ideas! Blend in black, white, gold, silver, stripes, prints and accents for an extra special, foxy look.

See my exclusive list below of various beautiful red nail designs by Di Nails and some other exquisite examples of red nails masterpieces. A warning though, be prepared and have your red nail polish or nail gels/acrylic colors within reach!

Here’s an additional gallery featuring some other beautiful Red Nail Designs that I’ve came across from various people.